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Rick Walters was born in Chicago, but grew up in the Hawthorne California.

At age 10, he hand poked his own first tattoo “Born to Raise Hell” on his leg. 

As a kid he hand poked many hearts and crosses on himself and other neighborhood kids.

After high school he worked as a machinist and welder. But in his off time, he tattooed at his house and hung out at the Pike to learn under icons such as Bob Shaw, Owen Jensen and Hong Kong Tom.

Walters went on to tattoo at the Pike, eventually becoming the torchbearer for its history and attitude, after the original pioneers died. 

As tattoos became main stream, and a new generation of artists looked to Rick for equipment advice and style tips, as well as stories of years past.  All of which were told in his foul-mouthed, no punches pulled style.

Over the years Rick became a father and grandfather figure for much of the tattoo community.

On Monday, March 4th of 2019 Walters passed away at the age of 72

But his legendary memory lives on though his family, the people that knew him and his amazing art.

Rest in peace good friend

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