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From coloring on her bedroom walls to making her dreams come to life on paper, art has always played a major role in Abril’s life. Providing her with tools to motivate her creativity, her Mother has always supported her passion. Even as a child, her art has had a style of its own and expressive, baby doll eyes have always been a staple of her work.

Art is not Abril’s hobby. It is a necessity of life, an act she does instinctively which makes each piece a reflection of herself. Abril is able to escape to a fantasy world when a brush is in her hand and express her ideas and feelings through Pop Surrealism Art.

In a world that moves fast, few things in life have the ability to make one stop and take a deep breath; few things allow you to become lost in a dream. The art of Abril does just that. Being transported into a Wonderland, there is a sense of whimsical innocence paired effortlessly with creepy delusion.

Abril is well known all over the world for her cute, dark, intense Pop Surrealism work.  Her work can be found internationally in Tattoo Shops, Galleries, Boutiques, Restaurants and Private Art collections.  Abril has been featured and published multiple times in major Magazines.

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